Teachers & Staffs






Monica Kim

MS in linguistics, Georgetown University

Ph.D. candidate in applied linguistics

Teacher, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul

Coordinator for Georgetown-Sungkyunkwan TESOL program

Coordinator for University of  Illinois-Konkook TEOSOL program

Teacher, University of California, Riverside TESOL program


Soonmi Kweon(School Director)

B.A. Hankook University of Foreign Studies,Seoul

M.A. Comparative Studies of Society and Cultures, Ochanomizu University 

Completion of the Doctoral Course : Japanese Studies in a Global Perspective, Ochanomizu University

Teacher of Tachibana Gakuen High School, Yokohama

Professor of Kanagawa University, Yokohama

A Mother of two boys

Executive Director of Littlebrown


Paul Ducote

BA in History, Louisiana State University
Teacher, Willowbrook International School

PYP Teacher, Jingumae International Exchange School
Headteacher of Littlebrown International Preschool and Kindergarten


Mia Lee

B.A. Hankook University of Foreign Studies, Seoul

ESL & Business class, University of Toronto, Canada

TOEFL Reading/Grammar teacher, Chungdahm Learning, Seoul
Headteacher of Afterschool program in Littlebrown


Ayako Fukuda

School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University

Lived in Maryland, United States
Teacher of Afterschool program in Littlebrown 


Sakiko Moriyama

Major in Law, Sophia University, Tokyo

Lived in UK and USA

Teacher of Saturday School Program


Irene Kim

Major in Economics, Waseda University

Lived in Georgia, United States
Teacher of Afterschool & Saturday program in Littlebrown 


Joy Song

Major in Global Political Economy, Waseda University

Lived in Toronto, Canada
Teacher of Saturday program in Littlebrown


Nicole Kim

Department of Liberal Arts, International Studies Major,

Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College

The International School of Amsterdam

Lived in The UK and The Netherlands

Admin Staff and Childcare of Littlebrown


Sandy Yoo

BA in English Language and Culture, Hanyang University(Korea)

Studied in Finland
Admin Staff and Childcare of Littlebrown


Mai Tsuchiya

Major in International Culture, Komazawa Women’s University

Admin Staff and Childcare of Littlebrown